What does an NGO need to receive donations from Ribon?

3 min readJun 27, 2022


Ribon was born to transform the act of donating into a habit in people’s lives. By making the experience more practical and fun, we have increased institutional donations by up to 60%!

We do this through a new matching model that connects large and small donors. By gamifying the experience we managed to make free donors feel like donating even more, and this generates a considerable increase in the value received by the organization.

“Okay, but how do I get my NGO to receive this donation upgrade?”

We use a few criteria to certify that, in addition to a noble cause, the NGO is serious and well organized. Therefore, the first step is to know if the organization follows our prerequisites.

Your NGO is likely to join the Ribon platform if:

  1. Your accounting is verified by an outsourced company;
  2. You have a well-defined impact for each dollar raised;
  3. The project has been ongoing for at least 6 months;
  4. We also consider the opinion of the Ribon community when looking for new causes for the app.

Does your organization meet the above criteria? The next step is to click here and sign up. After an evaluation by our social projects team, you will receive an email with a response to your application.

If the answer is positive, we’ll go to the next step together: your NGO in our app!

And how does this money get to the organization?

When we make a deal with an NGO, we add a donation to be received by the project and the ones made by Ribon users. Then the initiative is published in our app so that it can receive ribons from our donors.

Through subscriptions and one-time donations, the NGO receives more than the initial donation, and 30% of this extra amount is paid to Ribon for the services provided. Simple, right?

The donation transfer process is also easy to understand, but we decided to draw it to make it even easier. Check out:

How long does the NGO stay on the platform?

A NGO only leaves Ribon when it reaches a pre-established goal or reaches the time limit defined in the contract.

Causes that are exclusive to subscribers, for example, follow the timeout criteria. They are expected to last 2 to 4 weeks on the air.

We’re always finding new partnerships and incorporating new NGOs into the Ribon app, and we’re counting on you to keep us updated on the ones that would be a perfect match with our platform!

If you aren’t a part of and/or don’t know a cool project to suggest, but want to contribute to our mission click here and check out 4 ways to do this.




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