Ribon raises US$3.5MM to become a web3 protocol governed by its community

Transition to ProtocolDAO: more scalability for Ribon

The funds raised in the round will be invested in the transition of Ribon technology to become a protocol, initially on the Ethereum/Polygon network. This step is — in addition to an internationalization movement — a fundamental improvement in the business model that will become more attractive to the two sides that support Ribon’s network effect: Promoters (donors) and Integrations.

A reward system that aligns interests to accelerate Ribon’s growth

In the new model, all donations made to Ribon will generate a fee and consequently an automatic buyback of RibonGov tokens, which will be sent to the promoters and integrations that made that donation happen. A model inspired by the Buyback and Make mechanism.

More donors, more resources, more lives helped

It’s good to remember that all these models, codes, and metrics are just a way to reach the final goal that will always be Ribon’s mission: donate together to improve lives.

Do you wanna be part of this?

Follow @RibonDAO on Twitter and join our Discord Community.



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