Ribon 3.0? Know Why We’re Becoming a DAO

2 min readJun 27, 2022

Ribon was born in 2016 with a simple idea: to create a solution that would make donating become a habit in people’s routines.

Over the years, we changed the way of doing this a few times. Yet, our purpose remains the same:

Ribon exists so people can donate together to change lives.

Now, we have gathered all the experience and knowledge acquired to update Ribon’s business model. This time, we’re becoming a 100% open source blockchain protocol, and that’s a fundamental step towards achieving one of our goals: becoming a DAO.

DAO what?

The world is entering the Web 3.0 era, marked by three concepts: services decentralization, better data privacy/security, and experiences virtualization.

Within this under construction upgrade, decentralization is the apple of Ribon’s eye. And it is in this concept that DAOs are born.

DAO is the abbreviation for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a blockchain-based organization that uses smart contracts to enable its participants to make collective decisions about company governance, operations, and leadership.

In practice, that means that Ribon will progressively stop being controlled by just a group of people to be managed and built by its own community.

What changes?

Soon we will open our operation to the community to propose improvements and vote on them. This will gradually lead our organization to complete decentralization, which is our ultimate goal.

The more minds interested in Ribon’s success (including NGOs, partners, and donors), the better decisions we can make and the more lives we can help.

All these changes have a fully transparent record, making it possible to perform even better accountability. The icing on the cake is the guarantee of data security that only a blockchain can offer.

We are currently working towards making this possible, but as a member of the community, you can already start getting involved with the project and helping us build the RibonDAO. But how? Through our Discord!

Soon, we will share our plans for the launch of the Ribon Governance Token, the tool we will use to empower and reward our community for working on developing Ribon to become the giving technology of the future.

If you want to understand the entire universe around DAOs and be part of our journey, follow us on Twitter and keep an eye out for good things to come!




We are building the blockchain protocol that will change the way people donate money to charity in the world.