How a Ribon’s donation actually works

3 min readJun 27, 2022

Many people use Ribon without really understanding how it works. Therefore, we decided to tell the story of a donation made at Ribon, explaining what happened at each stage of this donation made by the star of our history: Ana.

A free donation

Ana is a 25 year old girl who works as a designer in a technology company. As all good millennials, she often makes purchases through an online app.

It’s Monday and Ana has just done her shopping for the week. When completing the payment, she came across the following message on the confirmation screen of your purchase:

Ana’s shopping app has integrated Ribon's technology into its platform to reward users with a donation ticket whenever they complete a purchase. By doing so, the app increased its checkout rate by 20%.

Ana touched the button and a screen opened with a brief explanation about the work of the NGO Prato Cheio, which takes food to people in situations of food insecurity. She got excited and used her free voucher to donate a meal to this NGO.

In Ana’s case, the donation ticket had the value of $2, which is the exact amount that the NGO Prato Cheio needs to bring a full meal to one person. By donating her ticket, Ana transferred $2 from the Ribon Donation Pool to the NGO Prato Cheio.

Ana’s donation was confirmed. With 3 taps on the screen, 45 seconds and $0, she donated a plate of food to one person.

The feeling was so good that, before closing the screen, Ana selected the option “help more” and decided to add another $20 from her own pocket to the Ribon Donation Pool.

By adding the $20 to the Ribon Donation Pool, Ana financed another 10 donation tickets equal to the one she had received in her shopping app. These tickets will be distributed to 10 people through other applications integrated with Ribon's technology.

With that, Ana became a promoter, which means that in addition to making donations financed by the Ribon Donation Pool, she also contributed to increasing the Pool allowing other people to have the same free donation experience.

Now, Ana makes a free donation every time she makes purchases through her shopping app. She also donates through the Ribon app, where she can earn more vouchers for doing simple activities like reading good news and inviting friends to donate too.

From time to time, she adds more money to the Ribon Donation Pool to foster the culture of giving and so that more people have the opportunity to donate as easily as she did.

This is a summary of how Ribon works from a user’s point of view. If you would like a more technical breakdown of how we use blockchain technology to make all this work, we recommend reading our whitepaper.

If you are interested in using the platform to donate or help with Ribon’s Open Source development, we recommend taking a look at these links:




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