4 ways to contribute to Ribon

4 min readJun 27, 2022


Ribon has a well-defined purpose — donating together to change lives, this is only possible because we are building an active community that supports our mission to generate more and more impact.

That’s why we created this post, here you will find several ways to contribute and be part of our community.

The more people engaged, the more access to free donations and life transformations we can generate.

Donating through the Ribon APP

In the Ribon App users are connected with NGOs, where ribons are transformed into food, healthcare, quality of life and much more.

With the app you can make donations without taking any dolars out of your pocket.

This is because we are funded by the sponsors of the NGOs available in the App and by our subscribed donors.

With the app you can perform various activities that guarantee ribons to be donated by you, such as: reading good news, carrying out wellness activities, inviting friends to be part of the community and many other ways.

With the ribons in hand, you can choose one or more institutions that you want to donate and that’s it! Your donation turns into cash for the chosen projects.

Boosting your donations by being a subscriber

In addition to free donations, you can subscribe to a monthly subscription or a one-time donation. With both you can increase your donation impact. Paying 2 dollars monthly, for example, you will guarantee 500 donations.

In this way, you are not only driving greater donations, but also helping to keep Ribon active and accessible.

Being a member of the Ribonita community

We get really excited when we talk about our community, because that’s how we get to talk to you and thousands of other people.

Through the Ribon community we were able to read suggestions, exchange ideas, receive feedback and carry out updates always focused on generating the best possible experience for the user and their donation.

You can interact with us through the following channels:

Discord: in addition to being able to suggest good news and earning ribons as a reward, you have access to exclusive information, follow our day to day and have access to our team.

You can also participate in RibonTalk, a chat with Ribon’s partner NGOs.

Ribon on Insta: much more than checking out our photos, you will have access to notices on how to earn ribons, learn about the impactful stories of our NGOs, learn more about the people and projects reached by donations and everything about the Ribon universe

Twitter RibonApp: you can check the news on the App, learn about the impacts of donations, meet new NGOs and much more.

Twitter RibonDAO: you will have access to our crypto world and follow all our steps, chats, events and, of course, news about our DAO.

By the way, Ribon is on the way to becoming a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In other words, Ribon is working to be an open source protocol based on blockchain and with open governance. This step will be decisive for us to make our decisions more participatory and safe, thus changing the philanthropic market.

Sounds good right? Join us in our community and check out everything we’re talking about there.

In the meantime, stay here with me, until the end of this post I’ll tell you about our next steps. 🙂

Promoting Ribon to the general public

At Ribon we work like little ants, we don’t do anything alone, all collaboration is welcome here. Maybe you know an NGO, have friends, partners or an investor interested in getting to know our platform, so feel free to talk about Ribon to everyone.

Thinking about helping you in this mission, I here are some useful links:

For the social project you know

For the company that wants to be a Ribon partner

You are the main bridge between Ribon and amazing projects that can be driven from our community.

Getting to know Ribon’s new steps

Today, all our energies are focused on RibonDAO, so that in the coming months it will be in the hands of our community.

This means that our donation platform will be controlled by our users and, in practice, you will have more active voice and control when suggesting changes and improvements in Ribon, such as changes in our business plan, technologies applied and in the choice of social projects that will be available.

And the cool thing is that, despite all the evolution in our decentralized practices, our donation App will not be affected, you will continue to have a practical and even more powerful platform.

In fact, for RibonDAO to happen and for you to participate in it, one of the missions is the production of content to keep you on top of everything that happens with the Ribonita community and in the crypto world.

Oh! Don’t forget to join our Ribonita Community on Discord, where you can earn ribons, chat with us, give us feedback and suggestions, we look forward to seeing you there! 🙂




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